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Public Lectures and Seminars In Jungian Psychology

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CG Jung Seminars Scotland was founded in 2001 and is a non-profit professional group committed to providing lectures, seminars and other events in the field of Jungian Psychology.  The presentations and activities aim to reflect the breadth of the Jungian approach and its relevance for exploring topical issues of concern for both practitioners and the wider public. 

Over the years, our guest-speakers have not only discussed fundamental aspects of the theory and practice of Jungian Psychology, but also investigated how Jung’s insights are echoed in new developments in such varied fields as neuroscience, developmental psychology, environmental issues and eco-psychology, literature and myths, art therapy, organisational studies, and more.

Although some familiarity with Jung’s works is useful, our events are open to all who share an interest in understanding the human psyche and how it shapes the world we live in.

This webpage is regularly updated, so please visit us regularly to see what develops. Check out as well the Members’ Forum area for topical discussions and related events signposted by our members.

 To view our forthcoming programme or enquire about bookings for events, follow the links on the menu above.

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