Organising Committee

To contact us, email

Our organisation is run by volunteers, and we are very much seeking extra support to help us continue to offer the variety of inclusive events we have programmed over the years. If you can spare some time on ad hoc basis to assist with local events, or if you are willing to help us in a more extensive manner through joining the committee, please send us an email with your contact details.

The current committee is composed of:

Holly Petrie          Member of the Association for Psychological Science

Andrew Phillips   Artist and Art therapist

Cécile Rozuel       Researcher and Consultant in Ethics and Well-Being at Work


Founder Members:

Jane Buckley       British Association of Psychotherapists (Jungian section), retired

Susan Edwards    Co-ordinator

Audrey Grant       Founder Member

Penny Holland     British Association of Psychotherapists (Jungian section), retired

Frances Milne      Diploma CG Jung Institute, Zurich

Norah Smith         Society of Analytical Psychology