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Going Out (Myth in the Western) and Coming In (Getting Under the Skin)

Morning Seminar with John Izod

Saturday 4th November, 11:00am to 1:30pm

Opening by Nancy Witt

This talk focuses on two strikingly different on-screen representations of mythology.

The first comprises a vast set of films and TV programmes formerly immensely popular, and remaining easily recognisable to this day. It comprises one of the most striking examples of genre in both production and audience reception for the past hundred years. Ostensibly its topics cover the contest between good and evil and the morality of men (first) and women (usually second). However, its roots are older and its themes deeper than a casual enjoyment of the storylines might reveal.

The second part of the talk draws on as yet unpublished writing by my co-author Joanna Dovalis and me. We wrote about just this one puzzling film and seek to show how, in this case, bewilderment, far from inhibiting the creation of myth, can enrich it.

John Izod is Emeritus Professor of Screen Analysis in Communications, Media and Culture at the University of Stirling.  In addition to completing his training as a shamanic practitioner, he has published several books including four which adapt Jungian theory to screen studies.

The Films of Nicolas Roeg: Myth and Mind (1992)

Myth, Mind and the Screen: Understanding the Heroes of our Time (2001)

Screen, Culture, Psyche: A Post-Jungian Approach to Working with the Audience 2006)

Cinema as Therapy: Grief and Transformational Film (with Joanna Dovalis, 2015)


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